Vino Bianco Greo Colline LucchesiClassification:

P.G.I. Protected Geographic Indication.


Grapes selected from our vineyard: Trebbiano, Vermentino White, Malvasia del Chianti.


  • Vineyards with Southeast exposure in the hills at an average altitude of 200 meters above sea level.
  • Land consisting of medium chestnut texture.
  • Farming in overturned rows.


  • Manual harvesting in crates in order to make a better selection of the grapes.
  • Traditional vinification with fermentation in typical wooden vat, initial storage in oak barrels.
  • Month following the harvest, an addition by the “Tuscan Government” to using selected dried grapes.
  • Aging in oak barrels.
  • The product is bottled after about 12 mounths.

Tasting notes:

A wine that is light yellow in color and presents itself to the palate as dry, but with pleasant and elegant harmony. Scent of broom and flint characterize this wine

Alcohol level:

12 % Vol.

Ideal wine temperature:

8° -12°C * 46.5°F – 53.5°F

Aging process needed prior to serving:

Within 1 year